Orthodox christmas and some last Besiktas

December 25th 2014


waking up very early and going to the orthodox patriarchate


afternoon and evening through beyoglu and Besiktas again, kissing Emre and Gül goodbye!

Every day december

Every day in December 2014, Istanbul

And Besiktas wins again

December 11th 2014

Hanging around in Besiktas


And then walking by night in Beyoglu



Wandering in Asia

December 7th 2014


On my way to Usküdar


Walking from Usküdar to Kadiköy, christian sailors cemetery


To Kadiköy and then back to Europe


Back to Besiktas with Emre and friends, watching the local team win again…


Back to Taksim down Istiklal street

always to the south

to the south of the US – all the way down – Tennessee – Alabama – Mississippi – Louisiana

Besiktas concerts again

Here are different recordings and photos made on November 30th and December 5th 2014 in Besiktas


Ersen gök live again ! https://www.facebook.com/ErsenGokOffical

On November 30th


on December 5th


Ruhi Demirtas live on December 5th https://www.facebook.com/ruhi.demirtas.5



This wonderful third band whose name I dun’t know!

On November 30th


On December 5th


After leaving the bar, hanging around a little