Bosphorus and Topkapı Palace

November 22nd 2014


Going on the Bosphorus by boat…


Topkapı Palace

Beşiktaş and night out with Tazmania

November 20th 2014

In Beşiktaş and at Tazmania hostel


At Eski Kafa concert!


Back at Tazmania and a small Fredrik concert!

Valley of fire and Hoover Dam

On the road to zion

Zion national Parc

Sin City

New York

The Jay-Z name comes from the neighborhood he’s from : at the intersection of the subway lines J&Z. Here are some pics of our walk downtown, from chinatown to wall street.

Istanbul archeology museum

November 16th 2014


recovering from the hangover and walking to Sultanahmet on Istanbul marathon day!


Istanbul archeological museum

Six pack in concert and night out

November 15th 2014

Going to Kadiköy: from Europe to Asia in 15 minutes!


Six pack in concert


Night out with Théo

Besiktas and restaurant with ICMI crew

November 15th 2014

A political meeting about Idontknowwhat at Besiktas

At a fish restaurant


Going to Yıldız park

November 14th 2014